Bologna:Foodie on a budget

One of the things I love the most about this  city is that you can live a truly gourmet experience ,without breaking the bank. Here’s a couple of tips, my favourite places so far on whom you can rely from morning till evening:

FORNO BRISA, Via Galliera 34/d. The place I head to every sunday morning for their artisanal croissants.

The owner,Davide, a lawyer turned baker ,opened Brisa (“crumble” in Bolognese slang) with three friends met at University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Piedmont. They describe themselves “amateur bakers”, but it’s an understatement: there’s nothing amateurish in here. They proud themselves of using only wild yeast, stone-ground flours, antiques varieties of cereal grains, water and salt. No commercial yeast, no bleached flour, no OGM in their breads and focaccias.

Pizza with prosciutto and broccoli
An invention from Forno Brisa: “pizza lasagna”

You can find a different type of bread every day and pizzas depends on the fantasy of the pizzaiolo too: pizza with blue cheese and finocchiona (a salami aromatized with fennel), lard and pecorino cheese, potatoes with chicory and so on.  They have very good croissants,pains au chocolat (I know,pains au chocolat are french and not italian but still,they are delicious anyway), mini cakes with apples and hazelnut or pears and chocolate…annnnnd a very funny baker

another bread in the wall

Tip number 2: Bologna and Emilia Romagna in general, have a great reputation for cured meat and cheese. The best producers, are here. Personally, the  mere thought of a sandwich with salami and Parmigiano cream  (not Parmesan, real Parmigiano) put a smile on my face. If you share my love for prosciutto, via delle Pescherie Vecchie will be a heaven for you too.

A deli heaven in Pescherie Vecchie (pinterest)

You can pick and choose one of the many  bistrots lined up in this little street behind San Petronio Basilica.

My favourite is Zerocinquantino (you are going to recognize it by the 2-tonnes-mortadella hanging in the window) . Their tigellas (local flatbread) are all homemade and accompanied with every possible , including Nutella.

Tigellas with salami,turkey and squaquerone (a strange name for one of the best fresh cheese of the region)
The never ending menu

Yes,maybe you will gain pounds at the end of the day,but they will be pounds of happiness.