Instagrammable Italy

What Italy is, is storytelling at its best. A photographic project launched on Instagram at the end of 2013 by two photographers, Giuseppe Mondi and Simone Bramante to illustrate a less known, less “postcardish”, face of Italy: “Italy is emotions, persons and stories, more than  just pizza-mandolino-Coliseum. We wanted to talk about and share these stories  through beautiful images” .Using a single hashtag, What Italy Is, now boasts more than 100.000 followers, a site ( and a Facebook page too.

Virtually anyone can submit his/her photos simply using the tag but   only the ones with outstanding quality are chosen to be published, by an editorial staff (or “human collective”)  of  16 people who often started as contributors. But this is a case where is no need for long explanations, images speak wonderfully  for themselves.Screenshot_2016-11-13-17-15-18-1.pngscreenshot_2016-11-13-15-45-32-1screenshot_2016-11-13-15-46-08-1screenshot_2016-11-13-15-47-46-14481e2cde4e68ed2a1cdf97dcd53f050screenshot_2016-11-13-15-46-41-1