Autumn in Sardinia

Sardinia is always a good idea, even in October. Especially in October, when the wheater is still warm but not unbearebly hot and and streets are much less crowded. You don’t have to fight for your gelato with flooooods of tourists and you can even bathe in the sea (only if you are a Northern European: otherwise, you are going to freeze to death). The place of my heart is La Maddalena Archipelago, 7 islands located on the north-western cost of Sardinia: one of the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can find fantastic food 


and pink VespasIMG_20171010_114410_883

and friendly cats (he is 14yo, so if you meet this boy, please don’t wake him up) IMG_20171010_114257_193.jpg flowers and little cafes


beautiful views, beautiful views everywhere


You can easily see why Sardinian people have records of longevity! You can reach this fountain of youth via ferryboat from Palau (nearest airport, Olbia) .

Ps. I have already mentioned food?IMG_20171016_110127_107.jpg


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